Beaches of Spain

Spain is one of the main touristic destinies of the world when it comes to beaches. It borders Atlantic Ocean on the southwest, Mediterranean Sea on the east and Cantabric Sea on the north.
All kind of beaches –short ones, long ones, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, beaches perfect for families, couples or nudist– can be found along its coasts. Its beaches are very well-known and appreciated by the whole world. In total, Spain offers more than 7.500 km and more than 3.000 of beaches with an endless number of possibilities to eat and sleep as well.
Costa del Sol, la Costa Brava, la Costa Blanca, la Costa Cálida, la Costa de la Luz, la Costa Cantábrica, Costa Tropical, Costa de Almeria, Costa de Valencia - Costa de Azahar, Costa Dorada, Costa Garraf, Costa Verde, Rias Bajas... these are some of the beaches of Spain. In all of them there is a wide range of high-quality hotels and boardinghouses. Usually, they are located near the beaches.
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Beaches of Spain

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