Beaches of La Palma

In la Palma, tourists can enjoy some of the beaches with black sand, all of them with beautiful landscapes and beautiful views. Most of the beaches are volcanic, with clear water and huge cliffs. La Palma is famous for its beaches, but not all of them is usually crowded. Tourists can relax themselves, sunbath and enjoy their holidays in a quiet environment. They can also practice many sports.
The best beaches of them all are the beach of Puerto Naos, the beach Charco Verde, the beach Guirres, the beach Puerto Tazacorte, the beach Zamora, the beach Faro de Fuencaliente, te beach of Los Cancajos and the beach Nogales.
All around La Plama there is a great offer in apartments, guesthouses and hotels with the best quality. Generally every accommodation is located near the beaches of this island.
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