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"Internet at apartment 4a 33 Bagulloie was excellent nbot a
problem at all."

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Tribunal Chueca Apartamentos with average raiting 2/5

2 customer's reviews

Juan (2/5)


What did you like the most?
"Internet at apartment 4a 33 Bagulloie was excellent nbot a
problem at all."
Is there anything you didn't like?
"There are nany things. 1. Difficult to communicate with owner as did not speak english. 2. TV no english chanels. 3. First night there we cooked and the electicity cut out for the whole unit. The owners did haveIvan said Evan come over and after mucg agnst the power was working. 5. There were no sheets on the bed we had to ask for them and you would have thought we were asking for one million dollars. 6 The ot water is limied so if two people stay do not use the hot watr tap for washing up otherwsie second person has no hot water for shopwer. as it was barely enogh for the first person. 7. In the lounge room the roof leaked in a storm and we had to put a bowl on the lounge to collect the rain dripping n. 8. The apartment was not well cleaned even though you are charged a cleaing fee. We had to wash everythi g first, we washed the benches, the ffloorin all of the apartment 9. There was no place to place the garbabe daily, so we ook it downstairs and left it near the entrance door only to find on the third day that somebody had left a note ... lucky I could not read spanoish. 10. There was no kitchen wash up, nor any sponges to clean plates and pans we bought all of that. 11 The pillows were so flat that you would have thought that a semi trailer had parked their wheels on them overnight. When asked for additionalo pillows was old by Evan that "is company said no as this was not an expense biult inot the cost when I explaiend that a pillow would have been I was meet with silence that h'his company said no" .12 The wooden floor boards, ( I think it is a floating floor) were cupping and lifting to the extent that I was trippin over the edges wjhere the floor boards joined. It was as though the boards were damaged by water havign or is still getting into the apartment. 13. The fridge iopening handle was broken and was quiite dirty,. this was another clean job before using. 14."

Anónimo (2/5)


What did you like the most?
"The only good thing I can mention is the location, very central."
Is there anything you didn't like?
"Compared to other apartments I've been in the past this one here is very cheaply furnished and bad looking. The cleanliness of the place was poor, shower and bathroom was dirty, walls were mouldy and the furniture was old and osmetimes broken ikea stuff. The price is too high for what they give you although the person I met is very friendly. Also they give you free wifi but it doesn't work, it's a little 3G-to-Wifi box that simply doesn't let you even check emails."

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